They are the ones watching you, and see everything of anything. In addition and most importantly, they understand The Truth. Every mistake that you have ever made or will ever make has been seen by them. Ninety percent of the time, they are right one hundred percent of the time. Despite the fact that they know The Truth, they choose not to tell you as they are better than you, in every way imaginable.

Accomplishments and Deeds Edit

They have done many things. Every one of these things is better than anything you have ever done.

  • They built Stonehenge.
  • They turned the power off when you were getting to that Donkey Kong kill screen that was coming up.
  • They made your childhood pet die.
  • They beat Minus World in Super Mario Bros.

These are just a few of the things they have done.

Where now Edit

They are conspiring against you right now. They don't want you to know The Truth because it would ruin their fun. Their fun is the most important thing to them. You are a part of their fun. Their fun is not fun for you. If you are having fun, they are not having fun.

They may or may not be plotting your end. They may or may not find your end to be fun. They may or may not want you to know about them. They may or may not be laughing at you right now.

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