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Ever noticed how people are all Conspiring against you? We have. Here at the Conspiracy wiki, we are the first to unveil the grand conspiracy that normal people like you are murdering children in an underground base.
You must be shocked, I'm sure. I certainly was. But there's more, this conspiracy is the master plan of a group of shadowy men who have decided that, because they have [THIS STATEMENT REDACTED BY THE US GOVERNMENT -- DO NOT PANIC -- THE AGENTS SURROUNDING YOUR HOUSE ARE JUST A PRECAUTION] - nobody would dare stop them if they drove a train around a track slightly faster than they are supposed to.

Luckily, you're here, and we can tell you The Truth - be careful, they'll try and tell you it's a lie, and that this website is just a parody, but you know The Truth - and you can tell them that they're wrong. Request a new conspiracy

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