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Don't look so surprised. He does, after all, stomp on people for the fun of it.

Communism, that socialistic, imperialistic, so-called "Government System" has been used for years in countries like Russia and China... or so your History Books tell you.

After the fall of The Berlin Wall in 1989, the United States government told us that Communism had been pretty much eliminated from the world. Of course, once again, they were flat out lying. The Truth is that masses of Communists still exist in hiding, just waiting for the western economy to fall. Only then will they be able to rise up and take over our political systems and teach the ways of their dirty manifestos to children all over the world. Be on the look out for suspected Communists such as the ones below. Remember, only you can prevent the Communist take over of ever country on Earth (and possibly a few other people can too).

Notable Communists Edit

There have been thousands upon thousands of powerful Communist parties in "history". Many groups have taken Communism under their wing, whereas others accepted it when accepting help from other nations. No one knows the true origin of Communism, but of course most people are going to believe info given in places like here. Wikipedia is a wonderful example of how Communism can change the globe. I mean, you believed everything they said until you heard about the LOSDES, right? Below is a list of notable Communists within history:

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