• I am worthless shit

    Debt cieling

    August 10, 2011 by I am worthless shit

    Does anyone know about the debt cieling?????????

    I think that someone needs to do something about it. You know all these years we've been giving money to China? They've been using it to fund the reencarnation and restoration of Qin Shi Huang and his Empire! And we can't just raise the debt cieling, because the debt cieling is in itself being held up with Japanese funding! By accepting the Japanese money for our cielings, well you know what that means. That Godzilla will be released in America! We really need to trust our mathematicians on this one. If Lebnitz had anything to say to us it sure wouldn't be to take the limit as h goes to infinity of h/h!

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  • A F K When Needed

    look pretty amazing

    10 / 10

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